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Success Secrets of Rajamouli

3) Rajamouli is Student No.1




He keeps upgrading his knowledge and all those matters that interest him. It may or may not be about movies. For example, most of the south Indian directors don’t upgrade their technical skills. There are directors who made graphical movies with knowing ABCs of graphics. Rajamouli is not such a kind. To make Magadheera movie, he studied GRAPHICS in depth and got a good hold on it. He keeps observing the technical innovations and changes taking place in internationsl movies and learns them.


4)He believes in the philosophy of “Work Is Worship”.




He has a different approach towards work. He says that one should be able to answer 3 questions to achieve success. They are “Why are you working?,””How are you working?”, “What are you working on?”. He does work in that way. He also enjoys his work. He believes that rather than money,prestige and power, it is the work  that brings completeness to life. He believes that even your opponents will love you if you work sincerely with dedication.

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