12/28/15 4:50 PM

Suicide Note: Don’t Trust Women

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A techie who was upset due to love failure left behind a suicide note on walls saying ‘Don’t trust girls’ and killed himself. The ghastly incident took place in KTR Colony, Nizampet area in Hyderabad.

Galla Sudhir (21) was done pursuing Engineering and was in search of a job. During the course, he fell in love with a woman. Sudhir who could not bear the idea that the girl deceived him was totally upset and committed suicide by hanging to a window in his apartment during early hours of Monday. Before he could do it, Sudhir partied with friends on Sunday night. He wrote ‘A girl cheated me. Don’t trust girls’ and hanged himself. When the doors remained closed for long time, neighbors who doubted something was wrong broke the doors of the apartment open and found Sudhir hanging. The shocked neighbours informed the same to police, who reached the place and started investigation.



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