06/2/15 10:44 AM

Sunanda Pushkar Death Mystery: New Twist

sunanda pushkar


Another twist has been observed in former central minister Sashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’s death mystery. Doctor Sudhir Gupta who had earlier submitted forensic report about Sunanda’s body wrote a letter to the central Health Minister. The doctor mentioned in the letter that he was compelled to report Sunanda’s death as a natural one. Along with AIIMS doctor, some other leaders of the former government urged me to do so, said the doctor. Sudhir Gupta was the head of forensic department of AIIMS  at the time of Sunanda Pushkar’s death. AIIMS doctor condemned the words of Sudhir Gupta and said that he is nor speaking the truth. We are aware that Sunanda Pushkar was mysteriously found in a hotel.



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