02/22/16 5:25 PM

Sunil Golden Star gets Flop Tag


Surprisingly, Sunil has been the target for criticism now in a big way. His ideas have gone wrong regarding the success of the film Krishanshtami. He has been facing the heat for offering a routine flick. Moreover, when he is disappointed with the result of this film, the other thing is irking him more. Sunil has been attached with a tag called Golden Star in the film. Unlike his previous films, he was given this tag called Golden Star for the first time and the movie lovers and common audiences did not like it and are making fun of that. They are almost arrived to a point where Sunil’s career has finally come to an end and he should seriously consider doing the comic roles again. Even Sunil is also pretty much aware of the reality but pretending to be a person who does not know that. If the same continues for one more film, that is a clear ending to his career as the people are not at all ready to watch him as the solo hero any more.



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