03/25/16 4:02 PM

Sunny Leone Slaps Journalist!


This is presently the trending topic in Gujarat and of course the entire country. Sunny Leone quit porn films. She started a fresh life. Sunny is now leading life starring in films, stage shows and touring around with her husband. When everything was going great, Sunny Leone had to face a lewd question. She was not asked by some random person. It was a reporter who is supposed to be responsible. Do you know what answer the Bollywood actress gave him…?

Sunny Leone has accepted to do a stage show in Surat in Gujarat on account of Holi. A channel reporter went to interview her after knowing that she was in Gujarat. While interviewing to her at a hotel corridor, he asked her ‘now that you are a heroine, how much do you charge for night programmes?’. Sunny Leone was totally annoyed with the question. Do you know what she did next? Without a second though, she just slapped him in the face.

This incident took place before she performed at the show. Sunny then put up a condition. She told the organizers strictly that she will perform only if there is no journalist at the venue. So, organizers sent journalists away before the event could begin. Sunny then performed well and impressed everyone.

Sunny has faced all problems at Surat. Before this issue with journalist, she had to face another. When Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber were in their room, a drunk person suddenly entered. When he was trying to act obscene with Sunny, the hotel management tried to refrain him and sent him out.

Sunny ‘s husband Weber was infuriated with these incidents. So, he supported his wife slapping the reporter. Also he said that they did not want to lodge complaint regarding the drunk man ‘s behavior. Sunny ‘s program was organized by some college students. Since they did not want to ruin the students’ career, Weber said that they let it go. Sunny and her husband will think umpteen times before going to Gujarat next time.



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