01/21/16 5:45 PM

Suprising Deal for RGV

Cinema has become an important business now-a-days. Many aspects are being considered by film makers. Also, the satellite market of films is changing the business terms. Many film makers are surprised by the prices they are getting for their films. The latest film maker who has been benefited with this is Ram Gopal Varma.
The recent Telugu Kannada bilingual film Killing Veerappan which is helmed by the eccentric genius RGV has grabbed a surprising deal for him. The latest talk from the film nagar is that Killing Veerappan has been bagged by Gemini TV. It is heard that the TV channel is quoting a whooping amount of Rs. 6 crores for the film.
This is highest for Ram Gopal Varma film in the recent times. If that happens it would be a wonderful comeback for the sensational director. Also he is eyeing on expanding the same for his next films.

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