08/17/15 6:09 AM

Surgery for Making Tall Fails; Boy Could Barely Walk Now

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A 17-year-old boy who underwent surgery to gain inches and become tall is now barely able to walk. Going into detail… A college-going teen in Mumbai, named Prem Patel was 5’1” tall, who was teased as natya (dwarf) by his friends. Prem who is the son of an auto-rickshaw driver forced his parents to take him to a doctor so that he could gain height, as suggested by one of his friends. They visited a local doctor who suggested them to visit doctor at Sion Hospital. When they did so, a Dr. Binoti Sheth diagnosed Prem with genetic disorder named Epiphyseal dysplasia which affects bone development. So, the doctor suugested a surgery procedure that helps to add height. This ruined that boy’s life. “I was going through hell then as the taunts from my friends were unbearable, but now it’s worse than hell”, said Prem Patel.


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“Prem underwent six surgeries on his leg but is barely able to walk” said his father. Dr. Binoti Sheth who conducted the limb-lengthening surgery for him complained that Prem was irregular on his medicines and follow-ups and this is the result.



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