01/27/16 5:30 PM

Suriya 24 Release Confirmed

masss suriya

Tamil actor Suriya is hoping to make a successful comeback in Tollywood with the film 24. The film is initially announced a bilingual. But now, the makers revealed that they would release 24 in Tamil and will release the dubbed version in Telugu. Vikram Kumar of Manam fame has been working on the project. He successfully completed the shoot of the film. Suriya and Vikram Kumar have moved on to their next projects as well. Suriya has been working hard and taking care so that people enjoy the movie without any confusion. Vikram Kumar is also confident that the film will impress all audiences. 24 is a scientific fiction film. The latest buzz reveals that 24 will be released on April 14th. Nithin is releasing the film in Telugu and he is happy to grab Vikram’s film as he was the director who gave him a much longed success with the film Ishq.



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