12/19/15 12:10 PM

Suspended, Jailed, Hospitalized; What’s next with Roja?


YCP part leader, Nagari MLA Roja is facing tough time. She is troubled by hardships one after the other. Initially Roja has been suspended, next, she was jailed and now, she has been hospitalized. She has been suspended for 1 year from assembly by Speaker Kodela after she made severe comments on AP CM Chandrababu. But the YCP MLA made presence at the assembly this morning and tried to gain entry to YCPLP. She was obstructed by police at the gate from doing so. They said Roja cannot enter the assembly since she has been suspended. Roja told the police that she was not going to the assembly. She told that she is going to YCPLP building and started to move forward. When the cops objected it, she did not listen to them. That was when women marshalls came into action and blocked her.

Roja started arguing with the marshalls. Since she was reluctant to go back, they took her into custody and asked her to get into police van. But Roja said that she would come to Police Station by her own vehicle. Police did not accept it and tried to force Roja into the police van. During the process, YCP MLA Roja fell down to the ground, her leg was slightly injured and she fainted. Roja was found being shifted to police van to admit her to NIMS Hospital and later shifted to Saifabad PS.



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