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Swamy Vivekananda in Hot Heroine’s Life..?!


Surprised? Wonder what Swamy Vivekananda got to do with a hot heroine’s life? Swamy Vivekananda was a great scholar who inspired and admired many people through his powerful speeches and lectures. Even today, he is delivering the message through his pictures hanging to walls of many houses. Many are still being inspired by reading his wonderful books secured in book shelves in their houses. There is also a hot heroine among such people who admire and change their lives by going through Vivekananda’s preaching and implementing them. The hot heroine we are referring to here is Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut.




A glamorous heroine who was able to collect Rs.100 crore just through her name..

A talented actress who succeeded in Bollywood without the support of three Khans..

A straight forward heroine who strictly said NO to acting in fairness ads since it will be embarrassing to dark women..

Kangana Ranaut who created a brand image for herself with Tanu Weds Manu has a bunch of twists in her own story like those in movie.

Kangana’s Career Turned from Doctor to Actor..

Many say ‘I wanted to be a doctor but became an actor’. We are not sure to what extent it is true but Kangana seriously had the thought. Kangana was born in a good family in Himachal Pradesh. One grandfather is an IAS officer and the other is an MLA. Her father is a businessman and mother is a teacher. Kangana wanted to become a doctor as per her father’s wish. She finished her +2. Failing in Chemistry subject in unit test, Kangana gave up the idea of becoming a doctor. Since her family members disagreed to it, she left her home and reached Delhi alone at the age of 16. She was into modeling for some time and then tried getting into movies. Kangana got her first chance to act in Gangster movie in 2004. Gangster was released in 2006. The actress who did not want to depend on father’s income spent some of her days with bread and pickle.


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