10/31/15 6:32 PM

Talasani’s son Booked in Kidnapping Case




Telangana minister Talasani’s son Sai Kiran has been booked in a case after a man named Abhinav lodged complaint against him that he abducted the man’s wife. Abhinav who resides in Maredpally in Hyderabad and married his Tennis player-girlfriend Bhuvana Reddy. But the girl’s parents were against the two getting married. Bhuvana Reddy’s father Mahendranath took her home a few days ago with the pretext of her elder sister’s wedding. He rang up Abhinav several times asking him to forget his daughter totally. Bhuvana Reddy somehow escaped from her father and reached Abhinav. That was when he said Talasani’s son along with four other men bashed Abhinav and kidnapped his wife, he said in his complaint with Maredpally police. Police officials said that case has been filed against Sai Kiran and the other men.

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