09/15/15 5:57 AM

Talibans Attack Jail; 350 Prisoners Escape


Talibans have attacked a jail outside Afghan city of Ghazni. As many as 350 prisoners escaped from jail in the incident that took place at around 2:00 AM on Monday. While security personnel tried to stop the Taliban insurgents, many personnel were killed. Strict search operations have started to capture escaped convicts.




One militant blasted himself up at the prison gates, soon after which others rushed into the prison and opened cells. This was a well-planned attack and they were all sported in similar uniform, said the Deputy Governor of Ghazni province. Taliban spokesperson confirmed that the attack was an activity by them. Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid and the Deputy Governor confirmed that  three Taliban militants were killed. Most of the criminals in the jail were Taliban inmates, they said. This is the third time Talibans attacked a prison to free hundreds of their militants.

In june, 2008, more than 900 convicts escaped from Sarposa jail in Kandahar. In april, 2011, around 500 prisoners escaped through a tunnel that leads to prison. The incident that occurred recently is the third one to remind Afghan government of the challenges it has to face.



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