10/6/15 6:32 PM

Tanish Fined Rs.50 in Nuisance Case


Tanish Alladi is a Tollywood actor more famous as a child artist. He later he appeared in films like Nachchavule, Mem Vayasuku Vachcham where he proved his mettle with some performance oriented roles. It is known that the actor was involved in a nuisance case. Tanish got into dispute with a motorist named Suresh at Jubilee Hills and left the place in hurry. It seems like Tanish was drunk when the incident happened.




Furious Suresh who chased down Tanish’s car started a verbal war and Tanish also abused Suresh. The police have finally entered and filed a case. Suresh filed a case on Tanish for hitting him with his car and Tanish filed case on Suresh for abusing him. The police after investigating the case took it to the court where judge fined Tanish with Rs.50 and case has been closed finally!



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