05/23/15 6:26 AM

Tank Bund Traffic Blocked till 31st may




In view of pipeline works being done at Hussain Sagar for the Kukatpally diversion nala project, traffic is blocked on Tank Bund from 22nd may to 31st may. Starting from Liberty to Rani Gunj, the roads have been closed. In order to lay huge pipelines from Buddha Bhavan to Rani Ganj, diverting Kalasiguda nala for passing industrial wastage, said authorities. Untreated sewerage from Kukatpally and Balanagar area will be released into the Kalasiguda nala instead of the Hussainsagar from July onwards. Sewage and industrial waste of around 400 million litres is being passed from Kukatpally, Jeedimetla nala into the Hussain Sagar. Now, no more waste water will enter Sagar as it would directed downstream through the 4 km Trunk Sewer Line, said HMWS&SB officials. The nala diversion works are carried out by investing Rs. 40 crores. Officials said that nala diversion is also being carried out at Prakash Nagar, Necklace Road, P.V.Ghat, GHMC Herbal Garden, Marriott hotel also.


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