04/25/16 5:42 PM

Tarak Ratna about Comeback


Nandamuri Tarak ratna is making comeback with Nara Rohit starrer Raja Cheyyi Vesthe. Speaking about his role and experience, the actor said, ““Back then, when I was in a dilemma whether I should do the film or not, Ravi Babu convinced me to take up the role and even told me that I will fetch an award. This time, it was Sai Korrapati, the producer, who wanted me to play the negative lead character. I really liked the script and my characterisation. There’s a lot of difference between these two negative roles I’ve done. In Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, I play a role who’s very headstrong and does he wants to without considering the consequences. My focus, right now, is on picking good scripts. My foray into cinema was easy, thanks to my grandfather’s (NTR) legacy; however, once you step into this industry, you’ve o prove your talent with every film. There are absolutely no short cuts.“Rohit is very dedicated towards his craft and our friendship grew as we kept shooting for the film. I have never seen him take a day off because of the number of projects he was juggling between all the time. I keep meeting NTR and Kalyanram whenever I get time, but then, everyone is so busy with their own work nowadays,” he said.



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