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Target is TDP; Suffering is for AP


A person in a state making plans politically for 14 years to ruin a party could be the first time ever. The political drama played, being played by leaders in Delhi to withhold development in a state, to avert a leader in the state that they think would be a competition to them in future had affected united Andhra Pradesh in past and is now adversely affecting separated AP. We will get to know these better when we have a look at the issues that led to division of the state.




Is formation of Telangana state justifiable or not! We are not going to get into an argument regarding the topic here. Irrespective of whether one likes it or not, the fact is that AP is now divided into two telugu states. Though leaders had been longing to demand separate Telangana, the political protests started off in 2001. Sneak peak of the situations encountered so far.



The then leader YSR along with Telangana congress MLAs arranging a regional committee under the leadership of Chinna Reddy and provoking to write to Sonia Gandhi regarding the issue.




Target: In order to confront Chandrababu Naidu, YSR made use of the Telangana concept.



KCR withdrawing from TDP and establishing new party TRS (Telangana Rajya Samithi).


kcr speech


Target: Chandrababu. KCR targeted Chandrababu out of anger for not providing him ministry.



Congress associating with TRS in 2004. Congress approving division of AP.


kcr ysr.


Target: Defeating Chandrababu in elections.



TDP associating with TRS in 2009 to defeat YSR.





Target is different this time. Chandrababu followed YSR in order to defeat him.



YSR’s government announcing in parliament the acceptance of proposal for state division. Arranging the committee under Rosaiah.


ysr parliament


Target: Chandrababu and Mahakutami.



KCR’s deeksha in 2009. Announcement by center on 9th December. Entangling state division to assembly teermanam.




Target: Troubling TDP with assembly teermanam. Making Chandrababu let go one region or the other.



Setting up of JAC. Protesting after associating with TDP and abandoning it afterwards. TDP being more pressurized by the party that has submitted letter for division of state than the congress that is supposed to approve division.




Target: Chandrababu



Chidambaram’s games under the name of Consent. Creating unstability in state by inviting two members from each party and offering a chance to express opinions.




Target: Seeing that Andhra Pradesh does not grow as a competition to Tamil Nadu.



Central government’s decision to divide the state.


manmohan sonia


Target: Washing out TDP from Telangana if it decides against theprroval and from AP if it supports the approval.



YSRCP that spoke for state division in the now taking the side of Andhra Pradesh.


Jagan Mohan Reddy (C), the leader of YSR Congress party.



Target: Trying to suppress Chandrababu, making him be pertinent to only one region.



State division, formation of Telangana.




Target: People have targeted congress party this time. Congress had worst defeat in both the states. The party literally burried in a 100 ft deep pit!



The drama played by center under direction of Modi and Amit Shah. AP will be developed if special status is provided to the state and requested funds are allocated. Chandrababu gets all the credit, after which he will win again even though contest all by his own during next election. In case he desires to the PM after that, Modi and Amit Shah doubt that Chandrababu along with some left and small parties might start war against Modi. In order to keep Chandrababu under their control, center is getting ready to drown the state of Andhra Pradesh.




Target: Chandrababu.


In the above discussed topics, except for one time, Chandrababu Naidu was the target the remaining 11 times. However, Chandrababu with his tactics was able to stand all of them. But Andhra Pradesh state has incurred huge loss. That is the reason we said… Target is TDP, Suffering is for AP.

Also there is Chandrababu’s selfishness in this. Only if he had like a proper leader and preferred his state to his party, the scenario would have totally been different. But he is the same as any other politician. He left aside the people of the state to safeguard his political party. In case he took a step forward, Chandrababu would have been a hero now.




Option A. In case it was told in 2010-12 that TDP was against state division, it would not have taken place. Then if center tried to  divide state, government would have collapsed. If elections were held in united AP, TDP would have gaied votes in Hyderabad, Nalgonda, Khamman districts along with Rayalaseema. Chandrababu would have been the CM of united AP.


Option B. In case he demanded the center during 2010-13 for a report of details like state capital, assets etc regarding the state in order to show acceptance to state division, proper division of resources etc might have been done then itself by the center. Along with special status, AP would have got many benefits. He would have been the CM of AP.


By opting neither of the above stated options, Chandrababu not only put to himself in trouble but also to united AP and bifurcated AP were put into losses.


Past is past. In order to burry TDP and clear Chandrababu from their way, state has been divided. That is the history.


How about Future?

Though Chandrababu has been striving all day and night for developing the state, he has got the fame that he uses people for fulfilling his purposes and the brand name that he is not trustworthy. In this kind of a situation, he has the necessity to see that justice is done to people of Andhra Pradesh. He can afford to win the next election if and only if he stops blabbering untrue promises and makes people a part of the development of AP. In case he tries to show his tantrums, he will be left with nothing by 2019.


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