03/12/16 3:15 PM

Targeted Vijay Mallya but Killed Maagunta


Naxalites targeted Vijay Mallya and tried to kill him but they instead murdered former MP Maagunta Subbirami Reddy. While CPI leader Narayana was touring Nellore district, he made these comments while addressing media. He said that Vijay Mallya is fond of Maagunta and his family. Naxalites initially targeted to trap Mallya and murder him but they failed to do so. That was when they killed Subbirami Reddy, said Narayana. The CPI leader also fired on BJP and Congress leaders. He accused government of aiding Vijay Mallya who fled from India without repaying debts. Narayana mentioned that there are increasing numbers of black money gangs in the country and that the Congress mediated between bankers and Mallya in past.



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