06/11/15 11:29 AM

TDP Mahanadu Sticker Put Revanth & Chandrababu in this Stage

Sometimes, we do not bother little things, which happen to change lives in future. There will be no use of regret after a hazard happens. Coming to the point, the A4 accused in cash-for-vote case, Jerusalem Mathaiah who filed complaint about Telangana CM KCR and ACB officials in Satyanarayanapuram police station in Vijayawada, revealed some important points about cash-for-vote issue to media. When Mathaiah spoke off the record, he said that a minute mistake that they committed in past has now put the TDP, Chandrababu and Revanth Reddy in this position. As per the details told by Jerusalem Mathaiah…

Stephenson, after giving Rs.1 crore to KCR for nominating him as MLA was totally in debts. In addition to that, he was insulted several times by TRS ministers. So, Stephenson after paying 1 cr and facing insults from TRS decided to vote against the party. He informed the matter to acquaintance Mathaiah, who immediately informed the same to TDP Christian Dalit Cell leader Sebastian Harry. Sebastian later visited Stephenson’s residence to talk to him regarding the matter. A gunman who saw Mahanadu sticker stuck to the TDP leader’s car informed about his visit to the Telangana forces. On knowing this, the Telangana Intelligence Agencies along with the Telangana police watched Stephenson’s house closely. The teams who observed cash for vote informed the same to Telangana government, which involved ACB into the matter. Stephenson who felt that it was risky, shifted to the side of Telangana forces. Under this context, secret cameras were set up all around Stephenson’s house to execute their plan of trapping Revanth Reddy when he comes to offer the cash. On observing the entire situation, it can be said that the small Mahanadu sticker stuck to Sebastian’s vehicle started the issue, pushing Revanth Reddy and TDP into big trouble.



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