05/9/15 5:36 AM

TDP MPs Submit Copied Letter to Modi Requesting AP Special Status




Andhra Pradesh MPs finally showed concern for the state. Being humiliated by Korada.com’s article ‘Andhra MPs should feel ashamed of Telangana MPs’, or because of actor Sivaji’s hunger strike, or as a result of Chalasani Srinivas’s dharna in Delhi… whatever the reason might be, TDP and BJP MPs of AP met Prime Minister Modi to request special status for AP. In a letter that the leaders handed over to the PM, they said that special status has now turned a sentiment, public is asserting MPs of TDP and BJP, they are demanding a capital much better than Delhi as mentioned during election campaign. A glance at the letter reveals the sincerity of our leaders. In the letter given to Prime Minister, they mentioned, “Please take the issue to the notice of the government and do the needful”, “placing request to you amidst the sabha”. Prime Minister himself is the government and he is the person who is supposed to make decision regarding special status for AP but the MPs mentioned that he should take the matter to the notice of government.  Why did they do so? Our MPs being too busy to write a letter regarding special status, they copied Sujana Chowdary’s letter that he earlier submitted. The text was written as it is and submitted by MPs to the PM. While Sujana spoke, he demanded a budget of Rs. 5 thousand crores and the same was mentioned in this letter by MPs as well. This letters proves the interest that TDP and BJP MPs of AP have in special status, which has turned into life and death issue in the state. When Andhra MPs do not have time to write a letter regarding special status of their state, will Modi have time to atleast think about our state?



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