07/8/15 8:24 AM

TDP MPs vs. Pawan Kalyan – Kamma vs. Kapu?

kesineni pawan fire

Pawan kalyan’s press meet fuelled issues not only between ruling parties in both telugu states but also the Kamma and Kapu communities, say critics. Telangana Minister Harish Rao and others address people of Andhra as ‘Andhrites’ once in a while, Andhra is not a caste or religion, Kamma community alone does not form Andhra, it is also a blend of many other castes, religions, said Pawan kalyan during his speech. The Janasena founder also criticized Andhra MPs about their businesses. Andhra MPs Kesineni Nani, Konakalla Narayana, Sujana Chowdary and others even arranged a press meet to counter attack Pawan Kalyan.


kesineni pawan fire


On the other hand, it is being heard that Andhra Pradesh Depuuty CM Nimmakayala Chinarajappa is furious on AP MPs who fired on Pawan Kalyan. If MPs criticize Pawan kalyan who supported them during previous election, there will be severe enemity from the Kapu community and they would not tolerate it, said the deputy CM reportedly to his close associates. The minister also told some prominent leaders in TDP that they are ready to do anything if Pawan Kalyan is criticized. Party leaders say that Kesineni Nani fired at a much higher level on the Janasena leader, though Chandrababu warned his party leaders not to do so. Sources say that TDP is taking necessary steps to avert any differences between the two communities.



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