03/19/16 2:28 PM

TDP Opens Door for Corrupt Leaders?


Koneru Prasad is back in news after a very long time. He was earlier entangled in Jagan ‘s case and was also put behind the bars. He later joined the YCP, contested as MP and lost. Since YCP has lost, he has been distancing from the party and has now submitted his resignation. Latest reports suggest that Koneru Prasad will now join hands with TDP.

There is a lot behind Koneru Prasad ‘s resignation. Beach Sand is one of the businesses of Koneru. In northern Andhra, Koneru Rajendra Prasad does the business. BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar has recently started protesting that excavation of beach sand is illegal. He demanded the government on the same. He commented that there is a huge scam behind this. Soon after Vishnu Kumar initiated this, Koneru resigned from YCP.

Koneru Prasad whoi was once close to Chandrababu and also organized meetings along with him got associated to Jagan during the times of YSR. After Bbau lost power, Koneru joined hands with YSR. Since then, Chandrababu has always eyed on Koneru to get him. With the allegations made by Vishnu, Chandrababu has got hold of Koneru. That is when Koneru Prasad resigned from YCP. Beach sand has already been banned in Tamil Nadu. If the same is done in AP, it will be huge loss to Koneru. Also he is giving signs that he is ready to join the TDP. Will Chandrababu who gives long speeches about corruption open doors for Koneru Prasad? We have to wait and see.



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