05/29/15 10:03 AM

Teacher Hanged in China for Sexually Abusing 26 Students




A teacher in China Li Jishun who sexually abused 26 children was hanged in Gansu province of the country. The teacher who is supposed to teach values to his students preyed on them like a beast. He sexually abused girl kids belonging to the age group of 4 to 11 years in classrooms, dormitories and forest near the village. He committed to the mosnstrous acts in a span of 1 year 2011-12. The judge who dealt with Li’s case displayed anger toward him. Saying that this man does not deserve to live in this world, and since there are clear proofs of his brutal behavior, orders have been passed by the judge to hang him immediately. Also a warning was given that teacher who behave this way with their students will have to face the same situation.



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