10/24/15 4:20 PM

Teenager Murders Son of Her Rapist




The shocking incident in which a teenage girl put to death the son of a man who raped her took place in Uttar Pradesh. Going into detail…

The 5-year-old son of a laborer who was playing outside his house in Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh went missing on Tuesday. When parents and locals started searching for him, they found dead body of the boy wrapped in plastic cover lying on an empty land on Wednesday. Police officials were informed about the incident. Based on marks discovered on his body, they said that the boy might have been strangled to death. When the boy’s parents accused a 15-year-old allegedly drug-addicted girl of killing their son, police reached her in order to arrest her. That was when she alleged that the boy’s father raped her on Monday evening that was the reason she killed him. Since she had not lodged any complaint about the sexual assault, the teen was booked for murdering the boy.  ‘Medical examination was conducted and the girl was sent to a juvenile home in Ghaziabad,’ Rajvir Singh, police official in-charge of Khair PS.



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