07/3/15 5:48 AM

Telangana Additional AG’s Sensational Comments on cash-for-vote



Telangana Additional Advocate General Ramachandra Rao made sensational comments in cash-for-vote case. He said that they have no hope that law will help Telangana state in the case. 70% of the advocates in Telangana are in favor of Chandrababu Naidu because of which he said that there is no hope. He also said that cancellation of Revanth Reddy’s bail by Supreme Court is also doubtful. The reason he said for this is that many judges who are companions with Chandrababu are present in the SC. The additional advocate general mentioned that a special court is being demanded by them to resolve cash-for-vote case. The Chief Justice of Supreme Court was searted next to Chandrababu for 4 hours, is it right?, he questioned. The additional AG making comments over Chief Justice of Supreme Court is observed here.



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