06/17/15 6:58 AM

Telangana Government is Playing Mind Game: CM Ramesh



TDP MP CM Ramesh has reacted on the news over ACB issuing notices to him in cash-for-vote scam. He commented that Telangana government is playing a mind game. Being unable to compete with TDP politically, CM Ramesh said that the Telangana government is planning this kind of traps against the party and he said that TDP is not afraid of any such things. He disregarded the allegations that money was drawn from his bank account for bribery. He mentioned that in case money was drawn, the ACB can directly visit bank to collect details of transactions and slips. He questioned people who are saying that money has been drawn from his account, what they would do, if in future they are proved wrong. He expressed that the case filed by Stephenson should be dealt by Election Commission but the Telangana government handed it over to ACB exploiting its power. Ramesh demanded an answer to whether phones of his party leaders were tapped or not.



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