07/27/15 6:00 AM

Terror Attack on Punjab Police Station; Firing Continues


Four terrorists in army outfit opened fire on Dinanagar police station in Gurdaspur of Punjab. In the firing that has been continuing since Monday morning, seven policemen in guard duty and 5 commoners were killed. Four others were severely injured. The terrorists who robbed a Maruti car in another location reached the police station and immediately opened fire. Killing the guards they tried to take the police station into their custody.




Firing is still continuing between policemen and terrorists. On the other hand, police recognized five bombs ready to explode on railway track between Dinanagar and Pathankot. High alert has been announced and superior officials themselves are looking into the issue.

Since Dinanagar is closeby to Pakistan and there are crucial Indian army camps in the place, the center said that attackers definitely belong to terror groups. Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh announced that army forces are being sent from center to Gurdaspur. The center ordered all the states to be alert on observing the attacks on Punjab.



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