05/22/15 6:02 AM

Terror Attack Risk for 113 Cities in India

terrorism india

terrorism india


A list of cities in the world that are at risk of terror attack has been released by analysts of London. Lying towards North-eastern part of India, capital cities Imphal (Manipur), Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) were ranked in extremely high risk cities of terror attack. In the list prepared by them, Imphal ranked 32 and Srinagar ranked 49. Bengaluru stood in 204th place, Pune and Hyderabad in 206th and 207th respectively, Mumbai in 298th, New Delhi in 447th, Nagpur and Kolkata in 2010 and 2012 positions. According to the analysis of terror risk, a total of 1,300 commercial hubs and urban centres around the world and 113 Indian cities have been identified at risk of possible terror attack. They would be aiming at causing mass casualty and destroying public transport network. Around 64 cities around the world are at extreme risk, with most of them lying in Middle East and Asia. And three in Europe were identified.


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