06/6/15 9:32 AM

The 2 Reasons Behind Mallareddy Praising KCR

With Revanth Reddy’s cash-for-note issue, the situation went from bad to worse between TDP and TRS. Leaders have been challenging each other since the arrest. In such a scenario, TDP MP Mallareddy immensely praising TRS leader KCR implies something fishy.




As per protocol, it is common that local MP Mallareddy took part in the event when Telangana CM visited the Malkajgiri constituency. Mallareddy of TDP who spoke at the event sang praises about TRS leader KCR saying that Telangana is very lucky to have a CM like KCR. Does the TDP leader not know that this will make Chandrababu Naidu go mad? He does. However, Mallareddy is not a follower of TDP. He is a pure businessman who fixed deal directly with CM Chandrababu Naidu and obtained the MP ticket. Mynampalli Hanumantha Rao who waited long for MP ticket of Malkajgiri constituency, campaigned for it and JP of Loksatta who decided alliance with the party were put aside by Chandrababu to award ticket to Mallareddy. There could be 2 reasons behind such person praising KCR.

There is no scope for TDP to win in Telangana, not only now but also nowhere in future. So, there is no need for Mallareddy to stay in TDP. Mallareddy could not safeguard his power even after shifting to TRS like Talasani because KCR is different from the speaker of Lok Sabha or the Assembly.  So Mallareddy will lose power if he shifts party, hence he is continuing in TDP. If angry Chandrababu suspends Mallareddy, it would be a boon to him because that will help him shift to TRS officially without losing power. This could be one reason why Mallareddy praised KCR openly.

Considering the second reason… Mallareddy has numerous engineering colleges, which bear around 10 thousand seats. For all the seats to be filled, it is highly essential that the government on a regular basis continues the fee reimbursement scheme. News is being heard that the scheme will now apply only to those who gain ranks below 5 thousand, which will affect Mallareddy badly. So, in order to stop the government from making such decisions, he has to be nice to the government. This could be the second reason behind Mallareddy showering praise on KCR, say some. (Teegala Krishna Reddy (also runs engineering colleges) and MP Mallareddy being in-laws is noteworthy).

The reasons could be as stated above or some other…but TDP’s only member of Lok Sabha in Telangana is now not with the party.


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