06/6/15 7:34 AM

The Highlight Episode of Baahubali is…



The highlight episode of Baahubali The Beginning will be the war sequence. Though there is awesome sentiment, wonderful dialogues, it is evident that the episode in Baahubali part-1 that will generate ultimate response in the audience is the ‘War’. The war scene will be witnessed after the interval, say sources. The son of Baahubali growing up somewhere among woods as Shivudu without knowing who he is, love affair with Avanthika (Tamanna) and Shivudu knowing  who he actually is will make the first half of Baahubali part-1. Shivudu going to Mahishmathi province after knowing his origin, challenge with Bhallala Dev (Rana) and then the war sequence will make the second half of Baahubali The Beginning. There are amazing action scenes in the war sequence that were directed in a way that the audience will be spellbound, which will remain a highlight of Baahubali Part-1, said the film’s crew. The highlight episode continues for 35 minutes at the end of second half of the movie. Linking the part-2 of Baahubali to the flashback story, the part-1 will reportedly end.



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