09/2/15 11:02 AM

Theatre Artiste Jumps Off Building in Bengaluru; Suspicious Case

isha handa suicide in bangalore

A 26-year-old theatre artiste named Isha committed suicide by jumping off a building in Sarjapur Road of Bengaluru on Sunday. Going into detail…

Isha Handa resided in Coconut Grove Apartment in Kodihalli, near old airport road and worked as a marketing manager in a private firm. She was from Mumbai and initially worked with HSBC. She was a partner at Stay Glad wellness center. Isha died after she allegedly jumped off 13th floor of Sobha Classic Apartment in Sarjapur Road, 13 km away from where she resided. As per details provided by police, Isha Handa left her apartment at 4:00 pm on Sunday and reached Sobha Classic. Who Isha had met there is still unknown. She then fell off the 13 floor of the apartment at around 8:30 PM. Residents of Sobha Classic said that they had never seen Isha earlier in the apartment. Doctors said that she died immediately due to fracture of hip bone, limbs and facial bones.


isha handa suicide in bangalore


Findings in the case are that Isha’s friend warned her to stay away from her boyfriend, as Isha was being close to him.

Isha received a call from an unknown number one day before she died.

She deleted call log and messages on her phone except two details of call ie., of her mother and father.

Isha used Google search on her phone to look up ‘how to commit suicide’. She searched for various methods such as jumping in front of a moving train, consuming poison, overdosing on sleeping pills, hanging, drowning, electrocution, asphyxiation and jumping off a building.


isha-handa suicide


A case of unnatural death was filed by police and investigation is going on to know whether Isha’s death was suicide or any other cause, what she had done between 4:00 PM and 8:30 PM on Sunday, why she chose Sobha Classic/had she met anyone in the apartment and more.



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