10/21/15 5:58 PM

This 100 Yr Old Lady Works 11 Hrs a Day

100 yr old lady

100 yr old lady


Couch potatoes should definitely know about this 100-year-old woman who works for 11 hours a day. Even at this age, she is surprising everyone with her exciting and active nature.

Felimina Rotundo is 100 years old and works in a college laundry shop in Buffalo. She actively works for 11 hours in a day washing clothes, dry cleaning etc. Rotundo starts work at 7:00 AM and works continuously till 6:00 PM.

The old lady has joined job when she was 15 years old. Since then, she has been unstoppable. She expressed that retirement age should be made 73 and that also in case of any health issues only. She suggested others to come out and work even in old age till health conditions support. Thus the 100-year-old energetic woman is inspiring everyone.



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