04/30/15 6:28 AM

Those 2 Actresses Re-unite? Cold War ends?

Yester year beauties Sri Devi and Jayapradha jointly acted in many telugu movies in past. The 2 actresses gained equal fame and stardom in bollywood  The two actresses starred jointly in hindi films also. After an unknown issue that happened between Sri Devi and Jayapradha, cold war started between them. Even when the duo acted in the same movie, they never spoke to each other.  The reason for such behavior was unknown to heroes who casted with them too.



Once bollywood superstars Rajesh Khanna and Jitendra  decided to unwrap the mystery. Sri Devi and Jayapradha in 1984 acted together in ‘Tohfa’ and ‘Maqsad’ movies. In ‘Tohfa’ the beauties casted opposite Jitendra. In the film ‘Maqsad’ which was a multi-statter, the two actresses starred opposite heroes Rajesh Khanna and Jitendra. The heroes during a shoot locked door of makeup room inside which are Sri Devi and Jayapradha. When the door was unlocked after an hour, they witnessed the two actresses turned back on each other and  never spoke. The two heroes gave up on seeing this. Such is the enemity between the two actresses. Sri Devi and Jayapradha had to meet for a very few number of times in recent past. There were no situations where the duo interacted though they had to face each other. The cold war has been continuing between the two since past 30 years.



Talking about present scenario, Sri Devi and Jayapradha were recently spotted in full swing at the same place. In a party arranged by one of the crucial ministers, Amar Singh in ‘Lady Dog’ pub, the scene was witnessed. Jayapradha first attended Amar Singh’s party. Sri Devi along with husband Boney Kapoor made presence at the same party after 15 minutes. Besides Sri Devi and Jayapradha sharing the same table, they warmly greeted each other. After party, they dispersed. The above scene shocked many of those who attended the party. Amar Singh seems to have played important role in re-uniting the two actresses. Some sources in bollywood say that Amar Singh who is an associate of Boney Kapoor and Jayapradha settled issue between Sri Devi and Jayapradha. However, the two beautiful actresses united with Amar Singh’s interference after 30 long years and cold war between them has ended.


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