06/9/15 10:37 AM

Those Who Oppose.. Go, Jump in the Ocean: BJP MP



Though BJP’s high command has been warning its leaders against pulling the party into controversy, they have always been doing it. Recently, BJP MP Yogi Adithyananda made controversial comments about those opposing certain asanas in Yoga. To those people he said, “do not come out of your houses or just go and jump into the ocean”, raging controversy. Surya Namaskaras are a compulsion while practicing Yoga. But a few Muslim sectors have been opposing them as they argue that practicing Surya Namaskaras is against their religious doings. So, the center decided to omit Surya Namaskaras from regular Yoga. Under this context, Yogi Adithyananda made such comments. Some of the communities have also raised an issue about chanting OM in yoga. It is known that the central government is making arrangements for grandly organizing yoga event on 21st june on International Yoga Day.



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