08/7/15 6:42 AM

Tirumala Srinivasa Laddu Celebrates 300th Birthday


It has been 300 years since the Laddu prasadam of Lord Sri Venkateswara began in Tirumala temple. Offering Laddu as prasadam started in august, 1715, said TTD officials. Devotees believe that Tirumala yatra is not complete unless they have the laddu. Sugar, gram flour,ghee, oil, elachi, cashew nuts and dry fruits are used for preparing Tirupathi laddu which is liked by everyone.




TTD makes different types of prasadam available in Tirumala temple but the profound Laddu is most preferred by devotees. TTD mentioned that 9 crore laddus were sold as Lord Venkateswara’s prasadam in 2014 alone. Trade of laddu is the primary source of income for Tirumala temple, they said. Allocation of Rs.2,401 crore budget during 2014-15 financial year for preparation of Srinivasa laddu on Tirumala conveys the importance and demand that the laddu has got. TTD earns around Rs.190 crores by selling the prasadam laddus. By trading the hair obtained after tonsure (head shaving ceremony) of devotees also TTD said that it earns the same amount of money.

TTD is capable of preparing 3 lakh laddus per day and gets many more laddus ready during Brahmotsavam for devotees. Including the 270 cooks on Tirumala, a total of 670 members indulge in the task of preparing laddus. Some additional appliances were added to kitchen in Tirumala last year for preparation of laddus. Boondi crates, two escalators for carrying laddus were arranged. Each escalator is capable of carrying 8 lakh laddus, mentioned TTD Joint Executive Officer K.S.Srinivasa Raju. The patents trademarks and geographical indications registrar providing geographical indication status to Tirupathi Laddu in 2014 is remarkable.



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