10/2/15 3:26 PM

Titanic Menu Card Sells for Rs.58 Lakh


Any detail pertaining to the Titanic ship that sunk in Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg is a sensation. Around 1500 lives were lost in the accident that took place on 15th april, 1912. Lunch menu card of Titanic was auctioned in New York and fetched handsome amount of money. In the auction held by Lion Heart Autographs, lunch menu card of Titanic was sold for Rs.58 lakhs on Wednesday. This menu card was saved by a passenger named Abraham Lincoln Palman, said the auctioneers.




On the card was a stamp of 1912, April 14 and logo of White Star Line. Grilled mutton chops, custard pudding, corned beef, baked jacket potatoes, buffet of fish, ham and beef, apple pastry and eight other cheese items were listed on the menu. Only three or four menu cards secured by Titanic disaster survivors are available now. The card that was auctioned has fetched more than expected amount of money at auction.



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