06/1/15 8:16 AM

Tokyo: Dead Body Found in Suitcase

A woman’s dead body found in a suitcase in Tokyo, Japan is shocking the world. Details of the woman are not known yet. The unpleasant incident came very late into light. Going into detail…


japan suitcase deadbody


A man secured his suitcase in a locker in a Railway station in Tokyo on 26th april but did not return to take it back. A worker on Sunday opened the suitcase since the man did not show up for more than a month. He was terrified on witnessing a woman’s dead body inside it. That was when the incident came into light. Japan policemen who were informed about the suitcase and the body reached the spot and started inquiring. They estimated the woman to be aged between 70 and 90. Her height was found to be 4’7”. They said that details of the old woman or reasons behind her murder are not known to them yet. They are investigation the case by observing CCTV footages in the railway station.


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