10/30/15 3:07 PM

Tollywood Director Gifted Jaguar by Producers!




The success of Bale BaleMagadivoi is very much needed for Tollywooddirector Maruthi to prove that he has changed his style of making films. Until Bale BaleMagadivoi happened, everyone was in the idea that Maruthi makes films that are only A certified films. These opinions were trashed once BhaleBhaleMagadivoi was released and scored a box-office hit. The film was released with a clean U certificate. In terms of box-office numbers and content wise, the film stood as one of the hit films released this year. The film has brought lot of money to the producers and at the same time it also filled confidence in Nani who had no proper hit in recent past. Producers of Bale BaleMagadivoi who are extremely happy with Maruthi’s work which yielded success, gifted him a brand new Jaguar car yesterday. “I jus got new jaguar….it’s a poor persons achievement…my journey starts on a second hand atlas cycle to new jaguar…till nw.. I would like say thanks to my producers u v creation vamsi…bunny vasu and alluarvindgaru for their unconditional love on me.” Maruthi shared his happiness on Twitter.



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