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Tollywood Heroines – Future Husbands


Film industry is not the same for everyone.  Especially when it comes to our South film industry which is male dominated, there are many complications that arise during work flow. Heroes and heroines are not treated equally, which is an open fact. Be it the remuneration or the respect, there is a lot of difference shown. Keeping it apart, an interesting observation always fascinates the movie lovers and common audiences. Whenever a hero gets married, not much changes happen in his life. He continues to do lead roles even though he reaches the age of 50. But that is not the same in case of heroines. Once a heroine gets a flop, media targets her by repeatedly putting the question of marriage. Once a heroine gets married, there are a very few chances that she continues with acting in films. We have seen this thing several times in past and there is no change in it even in current days. Now, Korada.com has come up with an interesting article on the expectations of our heroines about their future husbands.

Marriage is certainly one of the much celebrated events in any girl’s life. Check out the expectations of our heroines about their future husbands.

“I dont have any particularities regarding the place from which he comes from. But what matters to me the most is his character. I want to marry someone who remains truthful and understanding. I would be happy if he is from the same professional background. I am ready for marriage. But I have not got a bridegroom who has fully understood me. If I get one, I will definitely get married,” says Kajal Aggarwal.

Tamannaah Bhatia also have some interesting plans on store regarding marriage. She says, “My marriage will be a love marriage for sure as I wanted to love some one and enjoy the feeling of being loved. I will choose the person and take the permission from my parents and would get married. And finally, it turns out to be a Love – arranged marriage”.

Rakul Preet Singh is the current heart throb in the film industry. To make it more simple, she is the hot and happening. Looks like she does not have any big list about marriage and future husband. All she hopes is for one particular thing. Rakul Preet wants her life partner should be taller then her even she wear heels. This is a really a serious confession of her.

Nithya Menen says, “I just want somebody who is a good person.good at heart and a very well behaved human being. I dont know what happens. God decides everything. If everything works out perfectly and properly, I would it take it up any time. If sometime I find someone who matches up with me, I dont mind marrying him immediately. If I feel that some thing gives me happiness, I will do it for sure”.

Colors Swathi aka Swathi Reddy is the heroine who was targeted maximum times regarding marriage and here is what she says. “Some decisions will yield good results, if they are taken at the right moment. I decided to get hitched, when my parents suggested me to settle down in life. Mine will be certainly an arranged marriage. I left everything to my parents”.

Actress Sri Divya, Telugu speaking girl who is getting popularity in Tamil has something to share about her future husband. “I am not seeing anyone now. But then, I will definitely fall in love with someone, convince my parents that he is the right one for me, and marry him. That has been my dream from a very young age.”

Senior actress Nayanathara is also the actress who is targeted for marriage rumours. She also has an opinion and hopes about her future husband. “He should treat me with dignity. He should respect me, my work and my family members. He should care for me and respect my feelings.” she shared.

Priya Anand who made her debut with the film Leader says, “I love my grandmother a lot. She is everything to me. My future husband should understand my love for my grandmother. I am very much single now and focusing on my career. But my grandmother wants me to mingle, stating that a man is an integral part of a woman’s life”.

Dusky beauty Ileana shares, “I have never said anything about my personal life. I am single until I am married. I like to keep my personal life very private. As long as my family is aware about it, I am fine with that. I don’t want everyone to know about my personal life”.

Shruti Haasan says, in one interview, “The person I get married to has to be kind which is difficult — you find the ones who smell well, talk well, look nice and the ones who win their awards but at the end of the day it boils down to someone who can make you laugh and is kind. But he also needs to be having that fighting spirit in life. He could be a doctor or anything else, but needs to be talented at whatever he does.” So, this is what our heroines say about their future husbands.



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