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Top 9 Reasons for Extramarital Affairs




Extramarital affairs are on the rise now-a-days. They ruin a marriage. Extramarital relationships are the reason for divorces in wealthy families and murders in poor families. Why does a man/woman get into extramarital relationship? Why do they get that thought? Here are 9 main reasons for extramarital affairs.

1.New Experiences

Desiring new experiences is a main reason for getting into extramarital affairs. A person wants freshness in everything. When a person desires a new sexual experience from partner but could not get it from them, he/she gets attracted towards another person.


Earlier, in joint families, many people lived in a single house. With this, couples used to have not much privacy. Apart from this, when wives went to some other place for festivals or occasions, they stayed for months together. This increased the wait and intimacy after the long waits increased bonding between married couples. In present scenario, each couple has a separate bedroom and scope to get intimate daily. Also when they go out of station, they come back within three or four days. With this, married people now-a-days do not have to wait longer for their partner.  So, some are getting bored of their partner within a few years of marriage and are connecting with other people illegally.

3.False Prestige

Some men feel proud telling others that they have relations with numerous women. So, such people get busy having an extramarital relationship to show off.


Some think that affair with someone else would help take revenge on their spouse. ‘Why should I not see someone else when he/she is doing so?’ is what such married people think.

5.Marital Dissatisfation

Many achieve success post marriage. Some men, after growing financially and socially, fell that they should not have married that woman who is his wife and that he would have got an Aishwarya Rai if he waited till the time he grew. Such persons get attracted to other men/women to satisfy themselves.

6.Excitement to know more

A person’s sex life may be great with their spouse. But they are excited to know if there is something more or interesting than what they are experiencing. They get the thought of how sexual relationship with others would be like. This might end up with having extramarital affairs.


Lust for someone other than spouse is what ruins a marriage. While some men eye on a neighboring young woman, some women get attracted towards bachelors in the opposite house. And finally, it is the end.

8.Emotional Disconnect

This is a critical reason. A husband and wife may be living a smooth life. Sexual relationship between them might also be fine. But they tastes might vary. Suppose the wife loves music and the husband is obsessed with politics Things work out when they both understand and respect each other’s interests. If not, they may get attracted to some others with whom they feel they can connect emotionally. Such cases are usually seen often among artists, writers.


This generally happens with women. A bungalow, a car, so much gold, holiday abroad etc is what some women dream about after marriage. But when their husbands could not afford all those for them, those wives do not hesitate to have an extramarital relationship with someone else who could fulfill their wishes. This is the reason many working women get involved with their bosses at work.


These are the main reasons why men and women have extramarital relationships. If one does not get out of these, their marriage will be ruined. So, be careful. Live happily.



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