11/3/15 3:14 PM

Top Comedian to Build Temple for Pawan Kalyan



Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s fan following is known to us all. He also has die-hard fans inn telugu film industry. It is known that a few fans of Pawan Kalyan decided to build a temple for him but stopped after the actor seriously said that he does not like such things. Recevtly, Shakalaka Shankar who is emerging as one of top comedians in Tollywood has recently announced that he will soon build a temple for his favorite actor Pawan Kalyan. Shakalaka Shankar has earned good marks for his performance in Ohmkar’s Raju Gari Gadi. With the success of the film, he attended a program organized by a TV channel two days ago, a caller from America asked him when he would act with powerstar. Shankar who got emotional said that he is waiting for that chance. He also said that he will build a temple for Pawan Kalyan in his native place after earning sufficient amount of money.

Shakalaka Shankar belongs to Srikakulam and is a die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan. The first skit he did as a team lead in Jabardasth program is on powerstar. Since he is getting busier with films, he decided to take a break from the program. The last skit he did in Jabardasth was also on Pawan Kalyan.



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