03/29/16 12:38 PM

Top producer class to top music director


A leading producer of Telugu film industry gave a piece of his mind to one of top music directors recently. The music composer, who is working for the producer’s big budget extravaganza has been neglecting his work and spending his time on some trivial things, which are of least importance. Although the producer cautioned the composer for the delay in re-recording and expressed unhappiness over churning out an average album for his film, the latter paid no heed to the former. Apparently, miffed with the music director’s unprofessional and adamant attitude, the producer warned him of severe consequences and even imperiled that none of the actors from his family will offer him a film again. The music director was taken aback with this development and tried to conciliate the producer telling a story. However, his efforts have gone futile as the producer is extremely nettled with his behavior of taking things lightly. After repeated appeals, the producer cooled down and the music composer has vouched to complete the work at swift pace without any further delay.



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