03/4/16 10:22 AM

Top Producer ‘s Office Seized


Bellamkonda Suresh is one of the popular film makers in Tollywood. He has produced many blockbusters in the film industry so far but in the recent times, he has been making failures. Bellamkonda has been struck in deep financial crisis. An unexpected shock has hit the producer and now and this producer ’s office is seized by a bank yesterday in Hyderabad, amid a little drama. The bank in question is Kotak bank. The incident took place on the evening of March 3rd but the news came out little late. The producer is trying to make a comeback by producing an interesting film but unexpectedly he could not get the required revenues for his upcoming films. and the news came out a little late. Apparently, Bellamkonda ’s people tried to resist the bank action and some heated arguments followed too but finally the bank officials have won over this.



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