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Tripura Movie Review | Swathi | Naveen Chandra | Saptagiri




Horror films and horror blended with comedy is the present trend in Tollywood. Audiences prefer being scared and laughing at the same time. Directors and producers are showing interest in varied concepts inorder to impress fans. Tripura is a film that comes out of such interest. Swathi in and as Tripura, with Naveen Chandra as male lead, directed by Geetanjali fame Raaja Kiran and is produced jointly by A.Chinnababu and  M.Sekhar. Raaja Kiran was successful in scaring as well as entertaining audiences through his film Geetanjali. What storyline did such a director chose for Tripura movie? Did he totally scare audiences?  How did Swathi perform? How well will audiences receive Tripura? Let us have a look at the review of Tripura movie.


Director shows a murder as the opening scene of Tripra movie. Isha (Pooja Ramachandran) starts to her boyfriend’s farmhouse as he invites her. A man who we audiences cannot see, kills her. He encloses her dead body in a wall. In the next scene appears a beautiful girl Tripura (Swathi) in a village. All her dreams happen in real life. So, all villagers gather at her house every morning to know if Tripura dreamt of them the previous night. Since the news spreads even to surrounding villages, none of the men come forward to marry her. Though someone arrives, Tripura frightens and sends them back. So, she will be taken to Hyderabad for treatment. She falls in love with Dr.Naveen Chandra (Naaven Chandra). With the acceptance of elders, Tripura and Naveen Chandra get married to each other. Isha who dies in the beginning of the film is a colleague of Naveen. Since Isha who is crazy about him suddenly goes missing, police start inquiry. A common friend of Naveen and Isha tries to solve the case and he doubts Naveen about the mystery. What is the reason for police official suspecting Naveen in Isha’s case? How does Tripura react when she gets to know about Naveen and Isha? What does Tripura dream about Isha’s death? Who killed Isha? Is Naveen involved in Isha’s murder? Watch Tripura on big screen to know!

Performance of Artists

Swathi’s performance as village girl Tripura is good. She looks glamorous in songs. For those who expect that Tripura movie revolves entirely around Tripura and Swathi scares well as Tripura, it is a disappointment. Though Swathi acts in title role Tripura, she looks more as a good housewife but her role is not highlighted. Swathi tried to perform well in the scope that she has within the film. Variations are seen in Naveen Chandra’s character. His performance is good initially as doctor, later as lover of Tripura and then as husband of Tripura. Naveen played well a role in which he is perplexed and troubled when police target him in Isha’s murder case. Rao Ramesh is fine as a lecturer. Siva Narayana’s performed well as Tripura’s father. Saptagiri entertained during most intervals and irked during some. Shakalaka Shankar, Dhanraj and J.P tried well to entertain audiences and succeeded to certain extent. Pooja Ramachandran’s action as Pooja is good.


Ravikumar Sana’s photography stood as the main asset of Tripura movie. He tried to show beautifully, each scene in the film. Kamran’s music is not bad. Background score is OK. Some dialogues in Tripura are not at all impressive. But dialogues by comedians entertain us. Raja has written good ones. Raaja Kiran whose actual concept dreams turning to reality has been altered when it was shot. Tripura’s father and husband do not believe in her dreams though all others in the village do. With this, the concept comes to end in the first half and remaining story turns towards Isha’s murdering, highlighting it. The director ended up making it a murder mystery which is chased by a police officer instead of showing the film as a horror comedy. Kona and Veligonda who wrote screenplay accordingly, added some comedy scenes to it to not bore audiences. Turning Tripura’s charcter to a housewife, director ends the film after a small twist.


First half of Tripura movie is good as the director opens the film with a  murder, followed by heroine’s introduction, then Saptagiri’s, Dhanraj’s comedy, Tripura’s dreams turning into reality, Tripura’s love track with Dr.Naveen Chandra.  Coming to second half, horror story is changed to a murder mystery. Audiences who enjoy first half wait to watch the thrilling elements that will be present in second half. Instead of not lacking such elements, second half ends after a slight twist. But director took all measures not to reveal who kills Isha. An unexpected character kills Isha. As per story, we feel that the twist is shown well. But we audiences have seen such twist in numerous films. So it does not seem new. Finally, there is as much visual beauty in Tripura as one wants to watch. Swathi’s glamour also added to it. Entertainment by comedians in the film attracts audiences. Though Tripura does not scare much, there are several scenes in the film that impress audiences.

In one word…There is not as much in the film as that shown in the poster above.


RATING – 2.25/5.0



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