06/3/15 10:04 AM

TRS Cheated in MLC Election, Will Meet EC: Chandrababu



AP CM Chandrababu Naidu fired that TRS has cheated in MLC election. He said that TRS won only after bribing MLAs in his party. He demanded that secret ballot voting procedure should be disabled in the legislative council. The CM said that TRS is purposely creating troubles. Babu made clear that he will complain to the election commission. Babu on the other side slammed Jagan and said that it is immoral that Jagan who is supporting unity of state is on the side of TRS. The CM said that YCP is not eligible to criticize him and said that he could not understand the purpose of Jagan’s Samara Deeksha. Chandrababu took part in the ‘Janmbhoomi-Maavooru’ programme in Dharmavaram constituency of Anantapur district. He made the comments when he spoke at the programme.



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