05/18/15 12:07 PM

Tunes & Vibrations from Woman’s Stomach!


A woman named Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim was admitted to a hospital in Jordan for the delivery of her baby. Karim had to undergo Caesarean section as the baby was over-weighing. Doctors have successfully operated and the family members of Karim were over-joyed as both the mother and the kid were safe. After Abdul Karim was discharged and went home, there were heard weird sounds(rings) and vibrations in her stomach. Along with the sounds, Abdul Karim suffered severe pain in the abdomen. Karim’s mother Majeda Abdul Hameed who was terrified with this, took Karim to a nearby Al Basheer Publich hospital.




On observing X-ray reports, doctors there told them that there was a foreign object in Abdul Kareem’s stomach. Surgeons who operated to remove the object were startled on finding a mobile phone in Karim’s stomach. It was then they got to know that a doctor who had done C section for Abdul Karim left mobile phone in her stomach accidentally. This incident stands as an example for showing negligence of doctors. The case has also created sensation in Jordanian government. Authorities in Jordan started to take action against the doctors who did such an act. Hanan’s family members approached court demanding compensation from the hospital that caused severe inconvenience to them.


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