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Tuntari Movie Review | Nara Rohit | Latha Hegde



Despite possessing good acting skills and voice, success has been eluding Nara Rohit quite sometime. Though he attempted new and picked good subjects, for various reasons they didn’t work at Box Office as expected. For first-time, Rohit has opted out to do remake. Happen to be remake of AR Murugadoss’ writing Maan Karate, Rohit turns kick-boxer. He teamed up with director Kumar Nagendra who garnered critical acclaim with his maiden directorial Gundello Godari. Without much delay, read on to know our verdict.



Raju (Nara Rohit) is an aimless, jobless, chilled out guy from Vizag. Irresponsible Raju falls for Siri (Latha Hegde). Knowing that she’s very much interested in sports, Raju makes her believe as professional boxer though he isn’t. To strengthen his bond with her and to win her love, Raju signs up for a boxing tournament. Though he is not professional, Raju somehow manages to make it up to the finals in the tournament. This makes for both fun and interesting watch as there’s plenty of humour.

Going into detailed story, the film has a fantasy element to it on which the whole movie runs. The film begins with a group of friends going on a fun trip to a hill station. There they met Swamiji. In trying to test his divine powers and whether he is original Swamiji or not, the group gets to know an interesting detail. With this, Kishore (Vennela Kishore), Poojitha and his team finds Raju to sponsor him for the boxing tournament. When they finally get to know that the Raju they were looking for is not this Raju, but it’s notorious boxing champion Killer Raju ( Kabir Das), life turns upside down for them. Here the film comes to an interval bang. From here, the film takes on the next level.

Will Raju (Rohit) take on Killer Raju (Kabir Das)? Will Raju win his love? How Raju gets his motivation to slug it out with Killer Raju in the finals of the tournament?


Rohit’s attempt at comedy is pretty good. His nuances, Vizag slang, innocence all bring freshness to the film. However, Rohit’s lack of fitness is dampener. It’s high time he should focus on bringing his body to right shape. Baring this, he is totally in favour of the film. Rohit also has to improve his dances. Newcomer Latha Hedge is passable. She is okay. Actors Ali, Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar humour tickles funny bones of audiences. Kabir Das as antagonist is apt for the role. He is notorious and equally frightening. Kabir is good as baddie. Actor Kasi Viswanath effortlessly proves to be good father yet again.


Kumar Nagendra, who has missed entertainment quotient in Gundello Godari, seems to have learnt his lesson hard and this time makes sure the film has plenty of fun, humour. Kudos to him for making a well conceived film. Fesh treatment, Nara Rohit’s hand at comedy, good casting makes the film appealing. Well picturised songs now and then, with good music by Sai Karthik, it’s a paisa vasool film. Both director, producer didn’t take chances this time and see to it that there’s full-length fun factor. Comedy supported by witty dialogues have worked very well for Tuntari. Film is visually rich. Cinematographer Palani Kumar deserves special mention.

Only problem with the film is lack of intensity at few portions. This can be understood as director heavily banks on humour. But this would miraculously works with Telugu audiences who give top priority to comedy. Had the director intensified the climax a bit, the film would have been better. Nonetheless, the film is good and ends on bright note.

Plus Points

Nara Rohit

Hilarious First Half

Ali, Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar Comedy

Sai Karthik’s Music

Minus Points

Predictable Climax

Lack of seriousness at portions


Tuntari has all – comedy, love, emotion, sentiment. It’s complete package with good story. Kumar Nagendra’s masterfully assured direction laced with Rohit’s comedy timing works well. Had director made the climax a bit intensifier, the film would have been better. Nonetheless, Tuntari is worth watching. Go for it.


RATING – 2.75/5.0


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