02/19/16 4:24 PM

TV Channels Affect Sunil ‘s Career

Right from Rajababu, Padmanabham, many comedians like Brahmanandam, Ali, Mohan Babu, Venu Madhav, Srinivas Reddy and Sunil have tested luck as film heroes but none of them succeeded. Sunil has been trying really hard to establish himself as a lead actor but in vain. While all others comedians fall in one category, Sunil is different. Rajababu, Padmanabham, Venu Madhav…none have the face cuts of a hero. They are suitable for only a few stories. But Sunil is different. His present look is much better than some present Tollywood heroes. He can also compete with heroes when it comes to dance.

Sunil ‘s face is also suitable for various kinds of stories (except youth and love). When Sunil was a comedian, he was like a sort of ball with dark skin. His facial expressions are also great. Present Sunil is slim with six-pack body and turned stylish. If he comes up with one movie per year, very few people watch them. But many channels show comedy scenes of Sunil often and many play them on TVs. This reminds people regularly that Sunil is a comedian. Audiences registered Sunil as a dark, fat comedian in their minds. They are unable to accept him as a hero now.

So, only films like Maryada Ramanna are bagging hits for Sunil. For Sunil to succeed as a hero… A powerful role that redefines Sunil is essential. Comedy hero Rajendra Prasad ‘s career changed because of his role in Aa Naluguru. Sunil needs to do a role that suits his age, physique and that which enhances his acting skills. Only then he will shine as a hero. In order to do a highly difficult task like comedian becoming a successful hero, Sunil must pick very different concepts. For this, if his friend Trivikram helps him, Sunil can flourish. Otherwise, he better settle as a comedian. If he decides to restart as a comedian, Chiranjeevi ‘s 150th film will be a decent option.



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