11/16/15 1:25 PM

TV9 & Andhrajyothi Supporting Seemandhra Seperatists!




The conspiracy to rip Andhra Pradesh once again is being observed in the state. The idea of a separate state of Rayalaseema is being fuelled making use of reasons like backwardness of Rayalaseema, development etc. Maoists and intellectuals who committed corruption during Rajasekhar Reddy’s term are leading this movement. Maoists who played prominent role in Telangana movement are now preparing grounds for Rayalaseema movement. It is due to these intellectuals that resulted in untimely division of state. It is because of them that Telugu people who were supposed to part as brothers and sisters have become enemies. Our media who lacks foresight blindly supported those undemocratic activists. Supporters of these people in media started analyzing statistics and writings which lead to division of state once again. If media puts the revolutionaries’ ideas on its shoulders, it will be a poke in its own eye. Especially TV9 and ABN Andhrajyothi, the channels that are conventionally Maoist sympathizers were the first to experience the impact of state division after separation of Telangana.

During Telangana movement, Andhrajyothi editor Srinivas openly announced support to undemocratic activities. Instead of condemning attack on JP in presence of the Assembly and the demolition of statues at Tank Bund, he published articles that are supportive to the activities, saying that the language of protest is different. When democratic activists mentioned that India is a democratic country, hence demanding discussion in Assembly if division of state is to be done, he coined India is not a democratic country and is unitary state with democratic behavior, in his writings. When it was told that the 7 mandals in Telangana which was not separated at that time, which were at risk due to Polavaram project will be added to AP state, the very same Srinivas wrote that it is against rights of Telangana and united spirit. Srinivas who had in mind that ours is not a democratic rule has suddenly changed his mind on separation of Telangana. Such Srinivas is now stimulating award winners to return their awards to government due to growing intolerance. Radhakrishna is sustaining such a man who exhibits dual nature. It is not just Srinivas. Allam Narayana who gave out great slogan, ‘we will kill you if you get in the way of Telangana’ and Katta Sekhar Reddy of Namaste Telangana who is verbally attacking Radhakrishna stemmed in Andhrajyothi. These great people are themselves supporting blocking the airing of Andhrajyothi channel in Telangana. ABN should realize that it is the Supreme Court that finally helped and not the Maoists.

It is right that evaluating backwardness of Rayalaseema, imbalance in development and other factors and discussing the topics is essential to make public aware of the issues. But entertaining undemocratic parties and persons in the process poses a threat. Media channel managements are now aware of who are Maoist sympathizers. If proper care is not taken in their case, the state will have to witness division once again and TV channels will have to face its consequences.



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