05/9/15 10:46 AM

Twin Girls have Different Fathers!




Twin girls being born to the same mother but different fathers is a rarest thing. It had been proved that the twin girls have different fathers. The unbelievable fact came into light in America. Going into detail…

A couple residing in New Jersey are blessed with twin girl babies born with a gap of a few seconds. The father made clear that he would pay expenses of only one child to whome he is the father. His wife argued that he is the father of both the kids and has to provide child support of the twins. The issue that arose between a wife and her husband went upto the court, where each of them argued that their version is the right one. DNA tests conducted for them proved that the man is father to only one child of the set of twins.

Once the result of genetic test was announced by doctors, the couple spoke out what actually happened. Within a week’s time, the woman had sexual intercourse with two men ie., her husband and another man. Generally, single ovum is released during a menustrual cycle in women. But the twins being born with having fathers is a result of the process in which two ova are fertilized within the same menstrual cycle by two separate sperms. “The phenomenon known as ‘heteropaternal superfecundation’ is so rare”, said doctors.

Passaic County’s superior court judge Sohail Mohammed, after observing the results of DNA test said that the twin girls have the same mother but their fathers are different. So court ordered the man to pay $28 per week for the biologically his’ child and need not look after welfare of the other child.


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