05/8/15 9:34 AM

Twitter Debut for Rahul Gandhi




Rahul Gandhi made his debut on twitter. He opened a twitter account  under the name Office of RG and handle @OfficeofRG. The social account would be maintained from the congress leader’s office. Rahul Gandhi’s first tweet was about his upcoming Padyatra in Telangana.It was tweeted that he would do the padayatra for 15 km in Adilabad district of Telangana state on 12th may. Also it was announced that starting in Wadiyal, the padayatra will cover a total of 5 villages. Within 3 hours of Rahul Gandhi opening his twitter account, 34 thousand members followed him. Whereas, Rahul followed only 3 accounts which are Indian National Congress (@INCIndia), Youth Congress (@IYC) and National Students’ Union of India (@NSUI).


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